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Complete recovery of damage

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Complete recovery of damage


Repair of fiberglass products


Fiberglass has proven itself as the most durable and high-quality material, from which a huge quantity of all kinds of products and objects is manufactured today. Such products are identified by the strength and reliability, but even they are damaged from time to time. The cause of the damage can be various mechanical damage, accident, any natural phenomenon, simply fallen tree or something else, which has caused a violation of the product integrity (depending on the type and purpose of the product).

The damaged fiberglass product can not be categorized as permanently defective. Fiberglass can be repaired. It is perfect for machining, gluing and polishing.

Our company offers a wide range of repair services for fiberglass products. We will easily bring new life to:

·        all kinds of products and details used in various branches of economy, industry, entertainment industry - they include containers, boxes, pontoons, fiberglass panels, hockey courts, basketball shields, etc.;

·        water bikes - catamarans - we will remove holes in floats, replace the pedal mechanism and knots, conduct the installation of the outboard motor, if necessary, and we can improve the appearance of your product;

·        boats, crafts, yachts and any other water transport - we will completely restore the body of the product regardless of the damage received (cracks, holes, scratches), apply a new protective layer or cover the details of the vessel with fiberglass;

·        automotive fiberglass parts - if the cars and motor vehicles are equipped with special tuning (booms, spoilers, bumpers, hoods, air intakes) are actively used, in course of time any piece of fiberglass can lose its original appearance and functionality, we will be able to restore the product with the help of manual molding techniques (the product will be returned the perfect appearance and the original technical specifications of strength).

The cost of repair depends on the type of damage and the type of part. Each fiberglass product is unique in its own way, that's why the exact cost of repair can be announced by managers after a detailed study of your question. For preliminary calculations, the name of the product will be required (if the 3D model or drawing are available, they are required also), a description of the damage, all the important information about the product that needs to be repaired.

It would be best to contact our manager and ask him any questions you are interested in. Upon receipt of the reply, you can submit the application form and specify all the details regarding the transportation of the product and the terms of repair.

Why should you contact us?

·        We are on a first-name basis with fiberglass. Our specialists know about fiberglass and all products made of it.

·        Upon completion of the application form, the design engineers will work with you, so all decisions will be taken after accurate calculations. You can always get consultation and advice on improving the design of the product.

·        Before we start the repair, we will listen to you, and afterwards we will find the most appropriate option for fulfilling the task. Also, all financial calculations are carried out in advance, taking into account various options for repairing one or another product.

We are ready to help you with the repair of any fiberglass product in the shortest possible time. Our specialists will do their best to return the perfect appearance and integrity to your product.

We start on only after all the details have been completely agreed upon and approved by the customer.



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